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Wyspa Gier, which is Polish for "Game Island," is a Polish flash game website. Wyspa Gier allows users to access video games that are playable in their browsers, as well as providing social functions, such as the ability to rate games and leave comments.

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Flash games, also known as "browser games," are quickly accessible, compact games that run using common browser plugins such as Adobe Flash and Java. They are usually free to play and generally feature two-dimensional graphics. Many of the games on sites such as Wyspa Gier are created by individuals rather than companies, since most flash games are simpler to make than commercial video games.

Browser games generally fit into one of many popular niches, allowing Wyspa Gier and similar websites to organize their games into certain staple categories. "Platformers" involve a single avatar navigating a world full of jumping challenges, enemies and collectible items. "Shooters" test the player's aim and timing with simulated projectile challenges. "RPGs" tend to have more open-world elements that simulate a player's journey from one point to another through the accumulation of points and levels. Adventure games and puzzle games involve mental challenges, usually in the solving of simulated problems by creative item combination or the manipulation of simple geometric objects to reach a prescribed goal, respectively.

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