How Do You Write a Thank-You Note for Funeral Flowers?

Writing a thank you note for funeral flowers really does not have to consist of much more than thanking the person for the arrangement and making some mention either of how much the giver meant to the deceased or what the flowers mean to the family. Writing the notes is often an emotional task, but people do not expect anything elaborate at this time. Speaking simply from the heart is enough.

A handwritten thank you note is always most appropriate, and it is perfectly acceptable to have someone close to the family write the note. Many funeral homes supply printed thank you notes, but it is always best to put a short, personal handwritten note inside the pre-printed stationery.

Especially if the one who sent the flowers lives out of town and didn't attend the funeral, it is thoughtful to briefly describe the arrangement. This lets the person know that the arrangement he requested did arrive as he asked. For instance, the writer might say, "Thank you for the beautiful spray of pink carnations." The note does not have to be long at all to be appropriate and heartfelt. An example of an acceptable thank-you note is as follows: "Thank you so much for the lovely peace lily you sent when Mom died. She always loved your visits, and I appreciate how attentive you always were to her."