How Do You Write a Song?


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In order to write a song, a songwriter must create both lyrics and music, which must be original and work together. A well-written song is an artistic form of self-expression that holds meaning and creates interest for both the writer and the audience.

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How Do You Write a Song?
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As with most types of creative writing, song writing has no firm rules that apply in all circumstances. Each songwriter has different emotions, experiences, passions, and preferences that come to surface in the creation of the words and melodies of each song. Songwriter Robin Frederick recommends beginning with a title, then transforming that title into lyrics based on answering the questions that the title inspires and creating images by choosing descriptive words and phrases.

While song structures vary widely, the most commonly seen structure is a progression of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. Though there are always exceptions, popular, catchy music tends to conform to lyrical patterns such as this one. Using this structure may benefit beginning songwriters who have not yet developed confidence in their song writing skills. The best musical patterns for song writing create interest for the listener by striking a balance between phrases and settings that are common and predictable and those which are new and surprising.

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