How Do You Write "happy Birthday" in Bubble Letters?


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Learning to write your own bubble letters can be a fun way to personalize things like banners and cards in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. To write "Happy Birthday" in bubble letters, you need a pencil with an eraser and any markers or paints you want to use to color and shade.

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  1. Plan your words

    Bubble letters each take up a lot of space, and you don't want to run out of room. Using your pencil, lightly write a smaller version of each of the letters in "Happy Birthday" with as much spacing between them as you think the larger letters will need. Erase and try again if you run out of room.

  2. Outline the letters

    Using the pencil, draw faint oval outlines around the space that each letter will occupy. Each oval should be about the same size, except for capital letters which might be bigger, and narrow letters like "i." Within each oval sketch the outline of the letter. The corners should be rounded and the edges should fill almost all of the oval.

  3. Color and shade

    To make your bubble letters look three-dimensional, shade them so it looks like they have a shadow on one side and a sheen on the opposite. For example, the lower right corner of each letter can have an increasingly dark shadow, and the upper left corner can be given a streak of white. Color inside each letter, remembering to darken as you approach the shadowed side and to brighten as you approach the well-lit one.

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