How Do You Write a Club Constitution?

How Do You Write a Club Constitution?

To form a well-organized club, it's necessary to create a constitution that outlines and guides the goals of the organization. The information included in the constitution is helpful in making decisions and executing them.

  1. Research similar organizations

    Check out several clubs that have a similar focus or purpose as your club. Examine their constitutions to study how they are written, and use them as inspiration for your club's constitution.

  2. Organize the information you need

    Include the name and location of the club, its purpose, duties of members, stipulations and restrictions of membership. Write a statement of binding authority, and describe how the constitution can be amended. Provide an explanation of how the organization may be dissolved.

  3. Compose the additional sections

    Include sections within the constitution that might be critical or relevant to your particular club. Use an additional section to outline the key assets of the organization. Indicate clearly and concisely the value of the assets and how they are to be handled in the event that the club ends its operation.

  4. Submit the completed draft for review

    Send the copy to the club's board of directors for review, and allow them to suggest changes. Hold a vote to approve the final document.