How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Leather?

Wrinkles can be removed from leather by hanging the leather in a bathroom in which the hot water is running to allow the wrinkles to fall out, or using an iron. Care should be taken when using a hot iron to avoid burning the leather.

When using an iron to remove wrinkles from leather, never touch the hot iron directly to the leather. Turn the iron on to low or medium heat and let it heat up. Place a piece of cloth, a paper bag or butcher paper over the leather to be ironed. Taking care to not overheat the fabric, gently iron the leather until the wrinkles disappear. This method can be used on any leather from jackets to sofas.

When leather is taken into a hot, steamy bathroom, it is important to hang the leather in a spot where it can receive plenty of air circulation, to prevent mildew from forming.

Some people use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles. Again, it is important to keep the leather from getting too hot in one spot so keeping the hair dryer moving at all times is imperative. Use a warm heat rather than the highest hair dryer setting.

These methods not only work on real leather, but on faux leather as well.