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Wrestle Jump is a wrestling game in which the player attempts to smash the opponent's head. As of 2015, it is available as an iOS app for $1.99 and playable on the Web for free.

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Wrestle Jump features a one-button gameplay, and the player must time his button presses to boost his odds of smashing the opponent's head and protecting his own. Each match takes place at random levels. The player can modify the game difficulty by adding wind and slippery floors. Several game modes are available, such as fast mode and endless mode. The player can play against the computer on single-player mode or with another person on multiplayer mode on a single device.

The online version of Wrestle Jump requires a Web browser that supports the Unity Web player plugin. These include Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. The player can run the game on Chrome by enabling the NPAPI flag and restarting the browser. If this method doesn't work, manually installing the plugin is recommended.

The iOS version of Wrestle Jump is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad, iPad mini, the fourth-generation iPod Touch and later models. These Apple devices must run iOS 5.0 or later versions. The ability to record, view and share replays are available for some devices. The game requires 26.6 megabytes of storage space.

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