Why Would You Use a DMC Floss Conversion Chart?


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Embroiderers would use a DMC floss conversion chart if they are following a pattern that lists DMC colors, but want to use a different brand. The color conversion chart will list the equivalent color in the desired brand, so that the project will look the same as if DMC floss was used. Examples of other brands include DFN and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

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A conversion chart is read by looking up the DMC number and finding the corresponding brand number or name. For example, the DFN equivalent of DMC 3845, or light turquoise, is DFN 144. The Gentle Art Sample Thread equivalent of DMC 158 is Black Raspberry Jam. DMC floss conversion charts are approximates and may not be an exact shade match. This is due to changes in dye lots or differences in shading of fibers that are hand-dyed.

DMC has been providing embroidery thread for more than 200 years. It was founded in 1746 and has been advertised in the United States since the 1920s. It became incorporated as a U.S. company, the DMC Corporation, in 1934. As of 2015, its U.S. headquarters are located in South Kearny, N.J. DMC threads are manufactured in Mulhouse, France, and enter the U.S. through Port Elizabeth.

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