How Would One Read the Results of a Horse Race?

Daily race results are typically straightforward, with the winning horses listed in order from first to third place, including the horse's starting number, name, jockey and trainer. The Daily Racing Form website also includes the amount of money a $1 bet on each place is worth and provides more details of the race. Underneath the three top finishers, it lists the horses who also ran but did not place, as well as the pace of the race.

Past performances, which are listed on the racing form to help people decide how to place a wager, are a little more complicated. These list each horse entered in the race individually. On the far left is the horse's post number and saddlecloth color, and the heading features the horse's name, age and breeding. The trainer, owner and silk colors are also listed there.

Across from that information is the horse's lifetime accomplishments. This area features a year, with a number to the right of it representing the total number of starts that year. There are another three columns, representing total wins, places and shows. This gives an idea of the horse's lifetime performance.

Below that are the details of the horse's previous races. The race date is first, then a code that represents the track. The track condition follows, with abbreviations such as "ft" for fast or "sy" for sloppy, and it identifies the type of track surface. Next is a list of times, followed by the top three horses in each race and how far ahead they finished.