What Would Happen If Pokemons Were Real?


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According to Cheezburger, if Pokemon were real, people couldn't battle with them like in the video games. Just as it's illegal to battle real animals, it would be illegal to battle Pokemon. Animal rights groups such as PETA and WWF would fight to protect the rights of Pokemon everywhere.

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Despite the fact that Pokemon is made up of nothing more than fictional characters, PETA has already condemned Pokemon video games. The animal rights group says that the Pokemon series promotes animal abuse by encouraging gamers to fight animals for their own personal gain.

After PETA started its anti-Pokemon campaign, the Pokemon Company retaliated by saying that PETA missed the central theme of the whole Pokemon universe, which is that Pokemon should be treated as equals. The games and the anime series attempt to get people to recognize Pokemon as true friends and portray the exact opposite of what PETA was suggesting.

In an attempt to prove its point, PETA developed a flash-based parody called “Pokemon Black and Blue.” The game features Pokemon being locked in cages, bleeding and fighting to the death. This game was described by Forbes as being awful and much worse than anything that has ever taken place in a Pokemon game.

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