What Is a World of Warcraft Murloc Pet Code?

world-warcraft-murloc-pet-code Credit: AFP/Getty Images/DPA/Getty Images

The World of Warcraft baby murloc pet code was a perk of attending Blizzcon in 2005; therefore, it is no longer available from Blizzard Entertainment.

Using a World of Warcraft baby murlock pet code allows you to get the in-game pet, Murky. It is highly popular with pet collectors, and unused codes for the pet are often listed on auction sites, such as Ebay, for thousands of dollars. Because of the popularity of Murky, Blizzard has since released several other murloc pets, including Deathy, modeled after Deathwing, Grunty, modeled after a Starcraft marine, and Murkablo, modeled after the Diablo title character.