What Are Some Words for Win, Lose or Draw?

Words for Win, Lose or Draw can include burning bridges, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, jump the gun, french fries and Harry Potter. The organizer base words on themes such as movies, books, or events from the past year.

The organizer writes words for the game on small pieces of paper and places the paper in a bag.

In Win, Lose or Draw, players form two teams and roll dice to determine which team draws first. On a team's turn, they choose one player on the team to be the drawer. He takes a piece of paper from the bag and announces its category. He then begins drawing a clue for those words on the whiteboard.

Once he begins drawing, the other team starts the timer. Standard times for a turn are between 30 seconds and one minute. As he draws, his own team guesses what the words are. Team members can guess as much as they want. If a team member guesses correctly before time is up, the team gets a point.

If a team member doesn't guess correctly before time is up, the other team has 10 seconds to make one guess. If they guess correctly, they get one point. Otherwise, no team gets a point. Play alternates between teams.