What Is a Word Using the Letters "E," "I," "M," "N," "R," "T," and "V?"

There are no seven-letter words in the English language that can be formed using all of the letters "E," "I," "M," "N," "R," "T," and "V." The closest alternatives are six-letter words such as "invert," "minter," and "vermin."

In the context of the board game Scrabble, the word "vermin" yields the highest base score of 11. There are at least 76 different word combinations that use two to six letters of the seven given; of these, four are six-letter words, 14 are five-letter words, 27 are four-letter words, 20 are three-letter words and 11 are two-letter words. Two-word phrases that use all seven letters include "rent vim," "vent rim" and "rev mint."