How Do You Find a Word Containing Certain Letters?


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Word game aids, such as Crossword dictionaries and Scrabble solvers, provide lists of words from an input combination of known letters and wildcard characters, such as the question mark or dot. The tools' main screens give instructions for how to input the search term and specify word length.

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Crossword-dictionary.com has a basic search interface without options. User input indicates word length. The service also provides solutions for anagrams and hangman.

Scrabble Solver features a more complex search with advanced options. These advanced options allow searching for known letters at the beginning of a word, within a word, at the end of a word or as an anagram. The Web site's menu allows further tuning, such as word lists featuring vowels or consonants.

Word Finder is a similar Web site that has general search plus specific types of word lists, such as words that feature Q or Z, or anagram solutions. Word Finder's main webpage locates English words and contains links to searches using non-English dictionaries.

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