What Are Woodburning Stencils?


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Woodburning stencils are stencils made from nonflammable materials that can be used as a guide when making woodburning art. Users lay the stencil over a piece of wood and use a burning tool to char the wood that is visible through the holes in the stencil.

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Woodburning, or pyrography, is an art form in which designs are burned into a piece of wood using a wand tool with a heated metal tip. While woodburning can often be done free hand, a woodburning stencil functions as a guide to help the artist create a picture or pattern accurately. To use a stencil, an artist attaches the stencil to the piece of wood with a solid but nonpermanent adhesive, such as tape. Then, the artist burns the wood normally, working only in the areas that are uncovered.

Woodburning stencils are available in numerous patterns, from shapes for individual letters and numbers to abstract patterns and borders. The stencils are commonly made from metal or plastic. Artists can also create their own stencils by drawing a pattern and then cutting it into a piece of the appropriate material. Some woodburning kits include both tools and stencils that are appropriate for beginners and experts alike.

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