What Are Free Wood Burning Stencils?


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Free wood-burning stencils are patterns used by pyrographic artists to create designs on wood. The technique of a pyrographic artist depends upon what type of stencil he uses. Artists may trace a stencil pattern onto a wooden object, or they may burn wood through the holes in a stencil. Depending on how sturdy they are, artists can reuse the stencils multiple times. A number of websites provide free wood burning stencils, such as GuidePatterns.com, LSIrish.com and WoodWorkersWorkshop.com.

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GuidePatterns.com offers free stencil ideas for wood burning projects on tables, spoons, coasters and cutting boards. There are simple patterns designed for beginners, such as a leafy vine design. Other stencil patterns are geared toward those who are learning how to use a pyrographic pen. There are also more complicated stencils available to challenge advanced wood burning artists. One advanced pattern features a geometric lotus design.

Wood-burning artist Lora S. Irish offers free stencils inspired by traditional Celtic design on LSIrish.com. Irish recommends tracing stencil patterns onto wood with a soft pencil before burning the design. She provides step-by-step instructions for using the patterns and free instruction on certain projects, including how to turn personal photographs into wood burning designs. One free design features an intricate Celtic knot interspersed with stylized birds. Many of the projects are available to download as PDF files.

There are a number of free wood burning stencils available on Jim Barry's WoodWorkersWorkshop.com, including line drawings of animals, toys and holiday themes. The site features ghost and witch stencils for Halloween patterns and winter-themed snowman designs. There are a limited number of patterns depicting popular cartoon and television characters. Some of the site's wood burning stencils may also be used for other types of woodworking projects, such as intarsia or carving.

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