How Do You Do Witchcraft Spells?


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Performing witchcraft spells involves several steps, such as establishing an intention, gathering tools, and finding the right words and time frame. There are spells for just about every desire and each spell uses different tools and words.

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How Do You Do Witchcraft Spells?
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Every spell begins with a purpose and the purpose must be specific. Once the intention is established, the proper materials need to be gathered. Using a magical correspondence chart can help determine which tools are right for the purpose.

Typical spell and ritual tools include crystals, herbs, candles and incense. Many witches have four main altar tools that are used in addition to spell-specific materials. These tools are the athame (a knife), chalice, wand and a pentacle.

The next step is to find the right words for the spell. Ideas for ritual words can be gathered from spell books, online spell resources or simply by meditating on the purpose of the spell. Some witches use a book of shadows, or personal journal, for keeping track of spells and ideas.

When everything is together, choose a time to work the spell. It is best to do this somewhere quiet and away from distractions. Planning spells around the moon cycle may boost the power.

Learn the spell before the ritual is started. Focus deeply on the intention and go through the motions of setting an altar with the required tools and chanting the words of choice. Close the ritual by saying a quick blessing and extinguishing any candles left burning.

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