What Are Some Wish Spells That Work?

The wish fulfilling moon spell is one of several listed that claims to make wishes come true. In order to achieve best results, the spell needs to be cast correctly. It is important to note that these spells are for entertainment purposes only.

The Spells of Magic site offer a variety of free wishing spells. The water wish spell, 3 wishes spell, wishing on a star, wishing blaze and wishing stone are among the spells offered to visitors of the site.

It is believed that bigger wishes require stronger magic. Fortunes, tarot card readings, luck spells and articles on magic and the occult are also found on the site. The site is free to use and doesn't require registration.

The 13 Moons is a Wiccan store that sells spell books and supplies which are needed to cast spells. Spell kits and ritual sets are also available.

A spell is cast using spoken or unspoken words and is believed to cause a magical effect. Evidence of spell usage and the belief in magic date back to ancient times. The Egyptians Book of the Dead is a historic example of documented spells. There is not definitive proof that spells work, but some people believe the effectiveness of a spell is in the language which is used.