What Are Some Wire Wrapping Techniques?


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Basic wire wrapping techniques include using wire wrapping stones, creating pendants and using wire wrapping to create an attractive ring. Wire wrapping is an easy way to make interesting, visually appealing jewelry, and the techniques involved are easy enough for a beginner to accomplish.

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Wire wrapping a stone involves wrapping jewelry grade wire around the outside of an attractive stone to create a frame for the stone to rest in. These wrapped stones can then be used to create a variety of jewelry items.

Wire wrapping can also be used to create pendants from interesting beads, flat rocks and glass cabochons. In this technique, the wire is wrapped around the outside of the stone, creating a frame, but it is also wrapped and twisted to form a loop to attach the pendant to a chain or cord. These pendants can be made from bits of found items for an offbeat effect, but the same technique can also be used with rough-cut semiprecious stones and gold or silver wire for more traditional jewelry.

Rings can also be created using the wire wrapping technique. For this to be effective, the artisan must choose a stone that is relatively flat on one side so that it stays in place against the hand once it is made into a ring. The stone is then wrapped with wire to create an interesting setting. The remaining wire is then used for the ring, creating a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.

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