What Are Some Winx Club Games?


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Winx Club games include "Bloomix Battle," "Are You Good or Evil?" and "Harmonix Heroines," as of 2015. "Winx Club: Dress Me Up" is another choice on the Winx Club website.

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In "Bloomix Battle," the player chooses three Winx girls to put on the team, and in this adventure game, the team battles others. Each member of the team takes on a specific role, and one Winx, either Flora or Stella, moves around to heal the others.

"Are You Good or Evil?" is a super brawl game on the Winx Club website, and in this game, the player chooses from good or evil versions of Nickelodeon characters, including Spongebob Squarepants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are a number of modes available for play, including training, free play and story mode. The characters are controlled with the arrow keys, and each key represents a specific move during the brawl.

"Harmonix Heroines" is also featured on the Winx Club website, and in this game, the player helps protect Alfea by playing a series of melodies through Harmonix. The player defeats the various beasts on each level by playing musical instruments. This game has instructions on the screen, and the player controls the characters by matching colors and using the arrow keys.

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