What Are Some Windows Live Games?


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Some Windows Live Games include "Age of Empires II," "Ace Combat: Assault Horizon," "Gotham City Imposters," "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" and "Mark of the Ninja." Other games include "Gears of War," "Universe at War: Earth Assault," "Shadowrun" and "Ms. Splosion Man."

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As of 2014, the Games for Windows Live service has been discontinued. The service was cut off on July 1 of that year, according to an update from Microsoft, and this service impacted Age of Empires Online, which was designed for players to compete against each other through the Windows Live medium.

Before the service was discontinued, it provided users with achievements points, which were earned by competing online and achieving different objectives during regular gameplay. A central gamer score system allowed users to show each other their achievement points, and a friends list function allows individuals to contact each other and team up in different multiplayer scenarios across several games. A recent player's list also allowed users to speak with the last 50 players they met, allowing for recent playing through specific video games.

The Live system also featured a marketplace that provided shoppers with things such as games on demand, music, movies, downloadable content and private chat options through both voice and text.

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