How Do You Win the Stronghold of Security on "RuneScape"?

How Do You Win the Stronghold of Security on "RuneScape"?

Completing the Stronghold of Security in Runescape requires descending through four floors of dungeon, with the monsters becoming tougher on each new level. Each floor holds a new emote, and completing all four floors grants a reward of 10,000 coins and a choice of either the Fighting Boots or Fancy Boots.

  1. Find the dungeon in Barbarian Village

    The entrance to the Stronghold of Security is down a ladder surrounded by rocks in Barbarian Village. You find wolves, goblins and minotaurs on the first floor ranging from level 5 to level 27. The ladder to the second level is in an eastern chamber near the Gift of Peace that contains an emote.

  2. Clear level 2

    The second level contains undead monsters and giant rats ranging in level from 26 to 53. The ladder down to level 3 is in the centermost chamber, near the Grain of Plenty, which contains another emote.

  3. Clear level 3

    The third level is home to insects, arachnids and scorpions ranging from level 24 to 68. The ladder down is again in the centermost chamber, near a Box of Health with yet another emote.

  4. Clear level 4

    The goal on this level is to find the Cradle of Life, again in a central chamber. Guarding it are spirits and skeletons ranging from level 68 to level 86. Inside the Cradle of Life is the final emote and your choice of boots. A nearby bone chain takes you out of the dungeon instantly.