How Do You Win the Dance Mat Typing Home Game?


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Win the Dance Mat typing game by completing all four levels of the game. Each level gets progressively harder by introducing new keys and requiring players to use those keys.

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The BBC's website hosts the Dance Mat typing game's homepage. The game helps visitors learn by walking them through learning how to use the home keys and progressively adding additional keys to the mix to increase difficulty and eventually teach site visitors the most commonly used letter keys on a keyboard. The game includes four levels, and gameplay progresses from teaching home keys to working with those located nearby and eventually includes the majority of letters and some punctuation.

The Dance Mat typing game uses upbeat music and colorful characters to introduce important typing concepts, such as use of the space bar. This allows it to more easily keep young learners engaged and helps the system play more like a game than a simple typing tutorial. The home page also features important information for learners, including a message about the importance of learning touch typing and instructions on how to play the game. The BBC offers links to winners of the Dance Mat typing game, and these links allow players to move on to more complicated computer and tech subjects.

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