How Do You Win at Dance Mat Level 2?


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To win Dance Mat Level 2, type the letters at the top of the screen in the order they appear. Level 2 builds on the previous lessons, teaching children how to properly type the letters "T," "Y," "W," "O," "Q," and "P" while reviewing the keystrokes of Level 1.

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Level 2 of Dance Mat Typing contains three stages. Each stage begins with a review of previous lessons before introducing two new keystrokes. Watch the keyboard diagram and finger positions carefully to learn the proper finger positioning. Since there is no time limit and no penalty for making incorrect keystrokes, just keep trying and eventually you go forward. You can replay stages as many times as you need to until you master every keystroke. Fast typing relies on muscle memory, so if you are struggling to type quickly, just relax and practice moving your fingers from the home positions and back.

The dancing hippo Hip teaches level four, which introduces the letters "T" and "Y," which you should type with your pointer fingers. Stage five introduces Ninja Turtle, who teaches the keystrokes for "W" and "O," which you type these letters with your ring fingers. Finally, the saucy Miss Flamingo instructs you how to type "Q" and "P" in stage six. "P" and "Q" require you to use your pinky fingers, which can be difficult for those just learning to type. Most importantly, have patience, and enjoy the music.

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