What Do You Do When a Wii Says an Error Has Occurred?

Fixing an “error has occurred” message involves checking to make sure the game in the Wii system is inserted properly or that there are no scratches or fingerprints on the back of the disc. According to Nintendo, this error message only occurs when trying to load or play a game disc that the Wii system does not read correctly.

The way a disc needs to be inserted into a Wii system depends on the way the console is sitting. If the Wii console is sitting vertically, the label on the disc needs to face right. If the Wii system is laying horizontally, the label on the disc will need to face up. Failure to put the game in correctly will cause the “error has occurred” message to appear.

If the Wii system gives the user an error code as a reference, the error code needs to be placed in the “Error Code Lookup” box on Nintendo's official website. This error-searching system helps Wii owners find out what caused their error message and gives them options on how to fix it.

Unfortunately, some error codes are not covered on Nintendo's website. For example, error code 002 is not found on the website, but it often pops up on homebrewed Wii systems. Homebrewing a system means that the owner hacks the system to play games and gain access to features that were not granted by the manufacturer.