How Are Wii Points Earned?


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Wii points are a currency used to purchase games and additional features on the Wii Shop channel and are sold in physical card form and electronically through the Wii Shop channel. Wii points come in quantities as small as 1,000 up to as many as 5,000.

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A special package deal that includes a classic controller for the Wii system comes with 7,500 Wii points. The physical cards have a scratch-off strip that covers the numerical code, which is redeemed through the Wii Shop channel. With the release of the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo changed physical Wii points cards to Nintendo points cards so that the points could be used on both systems. Once they are redeemed on a specific system, the purchased points are locked to the system as the Nintendo Wii and DSi do not use a unified online account to track downloads between different devices.

The Wii U can also use Wii points by using Wii mode, allowing access to the original Wii Shop channel. 100 Wii points are valued at $1 when purchased on the Wii Shop channel, and software on the system generally costs 500 to 1,000 points, or more for newer titles. Purchasing titles on the system or downloading software through the Wii Shop channel requires an Internet connection.

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