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As of September 2014, there is no legal way to get free Wii points unless they are received via a website giveaway or Nintendo promotion. Although Nintendo never came up with a program to give away free Wii points or Wii Shop Channel games, it did come up with such programs for the 3DS and the Wii U called the Ambassador Program and the Deluxe Digital Promotion, respectively.

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The Wii U is Nintendo's successor to the Wii and has an online shop called the eShop. Although it has the ability to play Wii games and access the Wii Shop Channel, the money added to the Wii U eShop does not count towards the Wii Shop Channel. As such, the free eShop money that players earn via the Deluxe Digital Promotion cannot be turned into free Wii points. As of September 2014, the Deluxe Digital Promotion gives gamers 10 percent back in points for all the money they spend on the eShop. When gamers spend $59.99, they get 599 points. Wii U owners can redeem 500 points for a $5 eShop gift certificate.

The eShop is connected to both the Wii U and 3DS. All the money on a Nintendo eShop account can be accessed by both systems, but not the Wii. The Ambassador Program for the 3DS rewarded gamers who purchased the 3DS at launch before Nintendo gave the system a price cut. It did not reward the gamers with free eShop money, but it did give them 20 retro Nintendo games for free.

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