How Do You Get a Wii Netflix Activation Code?

In the past, to receive the Wii Netflix activation code, users navigated to Netflix's activation page and signed in using their Netflix account credentials. However, the use of activation codes is an outdated practice as of 2014 as Netflix on Wii no longer requires the use of a disc or an activation code. In order to access a Netflix account on the Wii, simply sign in with a valid user id and password, or create a new account if necessary.

Current practice involves first downloading the Netflix Instant Streaming app for Wii. From the Wii Menu, select the Wii Shop Channel, then hit Start. Then navigate to Wii Channels, and then select Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii. After that, select Free 0 Wii Points and then set either the Wii System Memory or an SD Card as the download location. To begin downloading, click OK, then hit Yes.

Next, the app should be launched from the home screen and when prompted, identify as a Netflix member or sign up for a new account. When the log in screen appears, current members should click on the Email field and type the e-mail address associated with their Netflix account using the on-screen keyboard. When finished typing, hit Enter on the keyboard, then click Password and enter the relevant password. Once filled in, click Enter on the keyboard again, then select the Continue button. The Netflix queue should then load.