Where Are Wholesale Taxidermy Supplies Sold?


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There are numerous online retailers that sell wholesale taxidermy supplies at their online stores, including Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply based out of San Diego. These retailers sell all of the tools and supplies needed to perform industry-standard taxidermy techniques.

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Taxidermy is a form of art in which individuals stuff real animal skins in order to be mounted as a display. The taxidermy process requires a lot of specialized tools and chemicals the make sure that the figures stand up on their own, will not rot, and look realistic.

To find the taxidermy supplies and tools sold on the Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply website, locate the "Taxidermy Supplies" and "Taxidermy Tools" tabs on the left-hand menu. Hovering over these tabs will reveal a number of links to various supplies and tools, which will open up an e-commerce page where the supplies can be ordered. The website sells standard tools such as liners to help hold up parts of the body, such as ears, fake body parts like eyes and noses, different mounting tools and displays, and the necessary chemicals to preserve the animal hides. Materials from stores such as Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply and McKenzie Taxidermy Supply can be bought individually or in bulk for various schools or taxidermy organizations.

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