What Are White Planeswalkers?


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White planeswalkers are beings that travel the planes in the Magic: The Gathering game and extended story, and they typically possess abilities representative of their mana color. Some examples of white planeswalker characters include Ajani Goldmane, Elspeth Tirel and Gideon Jura. These are characters with significant weight in the Magic novels and very unique abilities on their various cards.

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A planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering is a magic-wielding being imbued with the "Spark," a phenomenon that occurs very rarely. Sparks "ignite" even more rarely, but when they do, it results in a powerful traveller of the planes that can wield magic like few other beings in existence.

The white mana coloration is embodied by four values: order, protection, light and law. These values are not representative of an inherent goodness, as justice can be led astray just as easily as any other value, and order can quickly turn into oppression if left unchecked. Light can burn the eyes, and protection can be misguided. Even so, white magic is known to heal and protect, and those creatures that use white mana, such as angels or loyal armies, are known for striking fast and directly in great numbers. White mana is the easiest mana color to see as the morally good mana color due to embodying many elements that are seen as positive.

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