How Do You Whistle Without Using Your Fingers?

Whistling with no fingers requires tightly drawing back the lips, drawing back the tongue at a certain angle, then blowing out through a beveled edge over the teeth. A whistling sound happens with the right tongue placement near the teeth and the right gap for exhaled air.

  1. Draw back the lips

    Slightly extend the lower jaw, pull the corners of the mouth towards the ears and keep the bottom teeth visible. Keep the bottom lip firmly against the lower teeth, making sure the lip is stretching out towards the corners of the mouth.

  2. Draw back the tongue

    Draw the tongue back to the level of the lower front teeth while leaving it floating in the mouth. Leave a small space between the tongue and the teeth. Keep the front edge of the tongue flattened to create a sharp bevel for air to pass through.

  3. Blow outwards

    Take in a deep breath, and exhale air under the tongue through the gap between the tongue and the teeth. Make sure exhaled air is being pushed downward towards the lower teeth. Find the spot where the tongue and jaw align, creating the sharp bevel for air to go through and cause the loudest whistle possible.