How Do You Whistle With Two Fingers?


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To whistle with two fingers, cover your bottom teeth with your lower lip, put your pinkie fingers into your mouth, and curl the tip of your tongue. Take a deep breath, and blow the air across the tip of your tongue.

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  1. Cover your teeth

    Pull your lower lip tightly over your bottom teeth to cover them.

  2. Position your tongue

    Flatten out your tongue, and place the tip of your tongue behind and just above the inside edge of your lower lip. The tongue does not touch the lip.

  3. Touch your fingers

    Bring the tips of your pinkie fingers together to form a right angle. You can use your two index fingers instead.

  4. Position the fingers

    With your fingernails facing up, place your pinkie fingers into your mouth and under the tip of the tongue. Your fingers help to hold your lip in place over the bottom teeth.

  5. Adjust your tongue

    Slightly curl the tip of your tongue. Move the tip towards the front roof of your mouth without touching it.

  6. Whistle

    Inhale deeply, and then exhale across the tip of your tongue. The harder you exhale, the louder the whistle. If the whistle doesn't work, adjust your fingers underneath the tongue.

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