How Do You Whistle?


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To whistle, moisten your lips and say “ooh." Hold the tongue back, and gently blow a constant stream of air through your pursed lips. Adjust the position of your lips, and repeat the process until you create a whistling note.

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  1. Moisten the lips

    Lick your lips to get them wet, and then say “ooh” to create the proper position with your lips. With your lips in position, pull your tongue slightly back.

  2. Blow air through your lips

    Take a deep breath, and gently blow the air out through your lips. Maintain a constant stream of air, blowing slightly harder or more gently until you make a whistling sound.

  3. Adjust the position of your lips

    If no whistling sound occurs, adjust your lips. Practice until you are able to make a whistling sound, and moisten your lips again if they become dry.

  4. Practice the finger whistle

    Once you master the fingerless whistle, try whistling with your fingers. Place your right and left index fingers at an angle between your lips, pulling your bottom lip tight. Your fingers should point at the center of your tongue. Pull your tongue back, and then inhale. Blow gently at first, and then blow harder as needed to make the whistle sound.

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