What Is the "Whack A Craft" Game?


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The "Whack-a-Craft" game is a free online game inspired by the popular video game "Minecraft." It incorporates similar elements of the game, such as breaking down blocks to collect resources and craft unique weapons and armor. The game also features popular monsters from the game, such as Creepers and zombies.

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The start of "Whack-a-Craft" presents the player with a screen similar to that of the actual "Minecraft" game, with options to read play instructions, choose a difficulty level or begin the game. The overall game consists of a faux-3D plane with various blocks popping up out of the ground, reminiscent of the carnival game "Whack-a-Mole," from which it takes its name. By clicking on the blocks as they rise up the player is able to break them down and collect resources. Once the player collects enough resources she is able to craft different weapons and armor for use against different monsters.

The game starts the player in a field area that looks like a typical "Minecraft" level. In order to switch to the cave level, the player needs to click on the appropriate button in the lower menu box. While in the game, different types of resource blocks pop up out of the ground, along with Creepers and zombies that try to attack the player.

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