What Were the Most Popular Toys in 1998?

One of the most popular toys of 1998 was the Furby, a stuffed animal with a computer chip inside that allowed it to "talk" to other Furbies and its owners. Other popular toys included the Hot Wheels Car Wash, the Pok?mon Red and Blue GameBoy games and the Little Tykes Racing Roller Coaster.

Furbies were introduced just before Christmas in 1998 and became the hit toy of the season, selling 1.8 million units immediately, with another 40 million sold over the next two years.

The Hot Wheels Car Wash was a working three-story car wash that allowed kids to wash and rinse their Hot Wheels cars. Another popular car-related toy, the Racing Roller Coaster, allowed kids to assemble two separate roller coaster tracks, complete with curves, loops and spirals, which they could then use to race their cars.

The Pok?mon craze hit the United States in 1998 with the release of both the Pok?mon trading cards and the Red and Blue GameBoy games. The GameBoy games allowed kids to enter the Pok?mon world, battle and collect up to 75 different Pok?mon and began what became a multi-billion dollar game franchise. Pok?mon Red and Blue became the best-selling role-playing games of all time.