What Were the Most Popular Toys in 1997?

According to The People History site, some popular toys from 1997 were the Bananas In Pajamas Figure Set, featuring B1, B2, Amy, Lulu, Morgan and Rat In A Hat, the 6-Volt Ride-On Batmobile from the film "Batman and Robin", Kidpower's Bendoodles Collectibles and the Casper Glow In The Dark Pillow People. Other popular toys from 1997 include the Spider-Man Web Blaster, CommLink II Blaster from Nerf and Zombie Art Studio.

Additional popular toys from 1997 are: the True Black English Shire horse from Breyer, Tyco's Fashion Magic Hair Wraps N' Braids, Fisher Price's Get Up And Go Walker for toddlers and the Disney Touch and Sound Lights-Go-Round from Mattel.

The Power Rangers' Deluxe Double Morphing Rescue Megazord was very popular in 1997. Other favorite toys were the Slinky's Monster Box, the Push n' Puff Vac from Fisher Price and the Ribbon Dancer Performance Set from Kidpower.

In 1997, popular Barbie toys from Mattel were the 50th Anniversary Porcelain Barbie Doll, the Barbie Super Talking Answering Machine Telephone and the Water-Lily Barbie. Popular action figures were the Spawn-The Movie: Ultra Action Figures. The most popular video game systems from 1997 include the Nintendo 64 Game System and the Sony Playstation with Controller.