What Were the Most Popular Toys in 1995?

A toy craze called "POGs" reached its height in 1995, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. POGs, bottle-cap-sized pieces of cardboard with images printed on them, were the most-traded, most-desired toy of 1995. In addition, Star Wars action figures based on the original "Star Wars" movie series were re-released in 1995, causing a buying frenzy.

Printed with images such as oranges, one-eyed skulls or cartoons, POGs are named after a drink made from passion fruit, orange and guava juice and produced in Hawaii's Haleakala Dairy, where the bottle-tops originated. POGs were used to play a game in which stacks of them are struck, sending them flipping through the air. Any POGs that landed picture-side up became the property of the other player. Pogs also were traded for other POGs. Because they cost about 25 cents apiece, they were affordable for many children. POGs even appeared in McDonald's Happy Meals.

Star Wars action figures, previously out of production since the promotion of "Return of the Jedi" ended in 1983, were re-released in 1995. Fans rushed to collect them just as they had the original collections associated with the movie trilogy's releases. Some figures from this collection, such as Princess Leia, are considered rare and collectible as of 2014.