What Were Some Popular Games on Friv in 2011?

What Were Some Popular Games on Friv in 2011?

Some popular games on Friv in 2011 were “Kingdom Rush,” “Street Sesh,” “Candy Crush Saga” and “Anime Fighting Jam Wing.” Friv still offers these games, as of 2015. The games do not require the gamer to download the game to play.

In “Kingdom Rush,” players defend the kingdom from enemy forces. To do this, the player uses the computer mouse to build and place towers. Enemies that attack the player include orcs, evil wizards, trolls and other fantasy fiends.

The game works much like other tower defense games. Enemies enter the map from one area and attempt to reach the other. Players prevent enemies from traversing the entire map by using towers they buy to attack them. They only have certain areas on the map where they can place towers to defend the kingdom.

To place more towers or to upgrade existing towers, players earn money by killing enemies. They can also sell their towers to make money to buy new towers. If a tower puts out a physical unit, such as a solider, the unit heals automatically when it isn't under attack.

Players can also get an HD version of “Kingdom Rush” for iOS devices called “Kingdom Rush HD.” The game's rating makes it suitable for players ages 12 and older.