What Were Some of the Most Popular Board Games of the 20th Century?


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Some of the most popular board games of the 20th century were Monopoly, Risk and Trivial Pursuit. Monopoly is a property-acquiring game based on real locations in Atlantic City, New Jersey, while Risk is a military strategy game based on real-world geography. Trivial Pursuit tests players' knowledge of a variety of categories.

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Monopoly emerged from a popular 1904 game, The Landlord's Game, which was designed to promote a single-tax theory for the U.S. tax code. Monopoly went through many years of development, and Parker Brothers purchased it in 1935. Monopoly challenges players to buy as much property as possible and then charge rent to other players who land on their owned game spaces. Property owners can purchase houses and hotels for each owned space, thus increasing the base rent to be paid for landing on the square. The last person in the game to run out of money is the winner.

Risk, a strategy game first released in 1959, tasks players with taking over the world. Players roll dice and bet against opponents to take control of individual territories and eventually continents. As players amass control over more areas, it becomes easier for them to launch attacks against other players' holdings and seize them. The first player to achieve world domination wins.

Trivial Pursuit was released in 1981. It tests players' knowledge of six main categories: Entertainment, History, Sports & Leisure, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Geography. Players travel a wheel-shaped board, collecting pie pieces to show their knowledge of each category. The first person to collect all six pie pieces wins.

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