What Were Some of the Best Pictures Taken in 2014?


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The Guardian and Time selected photographs depicting the protests in Ferguson, Missouri as some of the best pictures taken in 2014, while Reuters started its slideshow of the best 2014 photographs with a gruesome scene in the Central African Republic. Photographs taken in Syria, Gaza and Morocco are also considered by the publications as some of the best pictures taken in 2014.

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The Guardian's first photo shown in its collection of the best 2014 pictures shows a woman holding her hands up in the air while facing an array of police lights. The photographer noted that the woman was detained shortly after the picture was taken, displaying the confusion that occurred during the riots. Time also shows a picture from Ferguson as the first in its slideshow of the best 2014 photographs; Time's picture shows a group of protesters marching while lightning strikes in the background.

Reuters' first photograph shown is a picture taken of a soldier wielding a knife over the back of a suspected rebel in the Central African Republic. The photographer explains that it represents the difficulty of controlling violent situations in countries that aren't as well-covered by international media as other countries.

Other pictures shown in these slideshows include photos taken in Damascus, Syria; Melilla, Spain and Gaza City. The Guardian's photo of Damascus portrays a crowd of thousands waiting for food in the midst of collapsed buildings. Time's picture of Melilla shows desperate African migrants in the background climbing over the border fence between Morocco and Spain while Spanish golfers play a game in the foreground. Reuters' picture of Gaza shows two children crying for their father while leaning against a truck.

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