When Were Krugerrand Gold Coins Made?


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Krugerrand gold coins were first put into public circulation in 1967. As of February 2015, the most recent release of the Krugerrand series was minted as part of the 2013 collection.

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When Were Krugerrand Gold Coins Made?
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The Krugerrand quickly gained international acceptance after its release in 1967. Krugerrands were later released in smaller increments to make it easier to invest in them. They remained the dominant gold bullion on the market until the mid-1980s, when many countries began to impose sanctions on South Africa in response to its apartheid policy. Around the same time, other countries began to issue their own gold bullion. The sanctions were lifted when South Africa abandoned this policy in 1994, and the Krugerrand began to regain some of its lost popularity.

The Krugerrand is a gold bullion coin that features the face of Paul Kruger on its front and a springbok on the back. The springbok is native to South Africa and is known for its speed. Paul Kruger was the leader of the Afrikaners, or Dutch settlers, in the first Boer War. In 1883, he became the first president of the new South African Republic. The victory of the Afrikaners was short-lived, however, as the British defeated the Afrikaners in the second Boer War in 1902.

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