What Are Some Wedding Gown Dress-up Games?


"Royal Wedding," "Amazing Wedding Gowns Dress Up" and "Anime Wedding Gowns" are some online wedding gown dress-up games. All of these games are available to play for free as of 2015.

In the wedding dress-up game "Royal Wedding," players select a wedding gown, jewelry, shoes and flowers for their princess. Players can choose the bride's hair color and style as well. Players simply drag and drop the items they want on their bride. They can also change the background of the picture. Once the bride is ready, players can print a final picture or save it to a file.

"Amazing Wedding Gowns Dress Up" allows players to choose a wedding gown, shoes and jewelry for a bride. The players click on the item type repeatedly until they find a style that they like. They can share the final bride on Facebook and other social media. Players have the option to print a picture of their final choice.

Players who enjoy reading and watching anime can enjoy playing "Anime Wedding Gowns." Players select hair color, wedding gowns, veils and shoes by clicking on the item they like. These are not traditionally colored items, but colors featured in anime comics and movies. The background for dressing the bride features a green field with blowing dandelions.