Which Websites Offer Free Printable Word Puzzles for Students?

ThinkablePuzzles.com and PuzzleChoice.com both offer printable word puzzles from Word Searches to Hink Pinks. Livewire Puzzles is another printable puzzle website that offers only word search puzzles.

ThinkablePuzzles.com is a website that offers nine different kinds of word puzzles for ages 10 and up. Its puzzles include both more common puzzles like Word Searches and Mad Gabs, and less common ones, like Bamboozles, Hink Pinks and Commonyms. ThinkablePuzzles.com also offers number puzzles and mazes.

PuzzleChoice.com is a similar website with different printable puzzles and their solutions. It offers Abstraction, Alpha Griddle, Anagrams, Brainteasers and City Search puzzles. Crypto Quotes, Hub Words, Syllacrostics and Word Ladder puzzles are also available. Finally, PuzzleChoice.com has crossword puzzles and word puzzles designed specifically for kids.

Finally, Livewire Puzzles has an online collection of printable Word Search puzzles. Most of them are hidden message puzzles, in which the remaining letters after all the hidden words are found form a message. However, the site also has word search puzzles specifically for kids in which all the words follow a theme, but do not form a hidden message.

All of the puzzles offered by these websites are printable, although they are not available for download. The solutions for the puzzles are also available.