What Website Offers Clean Short Jokes?

ChristiansUnite, Jokes4us, Laugh Factory and You-can-be-funny.com have wide selections of short, clean jokes. As of September 2015, ChristiansUnite had over 500 short and long clean jokes in 51 categories. Some of the categories include God jokes, husband jokes, blonde jokes, science jokes and travel jokes. The website also offers jokes about wives, doctors, Amish, politics and farmers.

Jokes4us offers users many short, clean jokes in the form of questions and answers. The website also has jokes in other categories, including celebrity jokes, dirty jokes, knock-knock jokes, bar jokes and ethnic jokes. However, jokes in these categories may not be clean. On this website, users can also submit their jokes.

As of September 2015, Laugh Factory has 325 long and short clean jokes. This website also offers jokes in other categories. On Laugh Factory, visitors can view videos of comedians, and its PG comedy channel features videos of comedians with clean jokes. In addition, users can create their own channels, view comedians' biographies and buy tickets to different shows.

You-can-be-funny.com has a large selection of one-line clean jokes. Visitors can also submit their own jokes. There are also funny videos, songs, stories, names and books. You-can-be-funny.com also offers users a number of pranks, useless trivia, funny signs, bumper stickers and ideas of how to annoy people.