What Is the Website Address of Sonic Zone for Downloading Free Sonic Games?


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The website address for Sonic Zone is www.SonicZone.net. The site not only offers free downloads of most "Sonic the Hedgehog" games, but it also includes "Sonic" music, news, live game streaming, chat and a community forum.

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Sonic Zone offers downloads of numerous "Sonic the Hedgehog" titles, ranging from the blue speedster's earliest incarnations on the Sega Genesis to more recent entries on new systems. In addition to classic titles, such as "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" and "Sonic & Knuckles," the site also features quirkier spin-off games, including the pinball variation "Sonic Spinball" and the arcade-style fighting game "Sonic the Fighters."

For users who choose to register, the site offers a "Plus" membership that grants access to a wider selection of games. Plus membership requires members to post at least 20 times in the community forum. Sonic Zone's online community features a variety of forums for members to discuss topics related to the iconic hedgehog. The forum offers sections for general discussion, game reviews, emulation and subsections for specific entries in the series. Additionally, other sections allow members to share "Sonic" fan art, fan fiction, polls, forum games, role-playing stories and more. In addition to games, Sonic Zone also offers soundtracks from many entries in the series. Sonic Zone also features live game streaming and chat for users to watch live gameplay and to discuss the proceedings.

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