What Does Webkinz Jr. Teach Young Children?

What Does Webkinz Jr. Teach Young Children?

Webkinz Jr. teaches young children skills in pre-reading, math, matching, shapes and computers, as of April 2015. The site is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Webkinz Jr. has multiple activities available that develop different skills. Parents can adjust the difficulty level to make activities more challenging. A membership is required for parents to access the Parents Area, which allows them to view progress reports and adjust the difficulty. Progress reports list how often a child uses the site and how well he does in activities.

The site gives children a pet to monitor. The pet has different moods that are shown on its facial expressions, as well as meters related to its hunger, sleepiness and happiness. Children can play games to earn coins, which can then be spent on items for their pet.

The site doesn't have any social aspects, so children cannot chat with each other. Parents who are members can send their children one card per day. There is a fee to use the site and for parents to become members.

Webkinz Jr. provides offline activities for continued learning. It also has an online school, the Little Acorn Academy, which sends out a monthly newsletter. Each newsletter includes a theme related to an aspect of learning.