How Do You Weave a Lanyard?


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To weave a lanyard, weave plastic lanyard lace together using a series of square stitches, spiral stitches or circle stitches. Keep the lanyard straight as you weave, pull stitches tightly, and cut off excess lanyard string with a cuticle trimmer when the lanyard is complete.

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Lanyard weaving methods differ based on the specific type of lanyard stitch used. To weave a square lanyard, fold two pieces of lanyard string in half with one string on top of the other. Loop the bottom lanyard string over the top string two times. Weave one of the top string pieces over the first loop and under the second loop; repeat this step with the other top string, weaving over the first loop and under the second.

Pull the ends of the strings together tightly to create the first square stitch on the lanyard. This stitch marks the start of the first row of the lanyard. Continue the over-and-under process, adding more square stitches to the lanyard until you reach the desired length. For a lanyard that measures approximately 3 to 4 inches long, aim for about 36 stitches in your row.

Dab a little bit of glue to the last stitch on the lanyard, and cut the extra lanyard string using craft scissors or a cuticle trimmer. If desired, add decorations to the end such as beads and tassels during the glue stage.

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