Where Is the Weather Institute in Pokemon Emerald?

The Weather Institute in Pokémon Emerald is located on Route 119 . Serving as a bureau for the Hoenn region, it monitors the weather conditions throughout the entire region.

When the player arrives at the institute for the first time, the player will find that it has been invaded by either Team Aqua or Team Magma to seek information about the legendary Pokémon Kyogre (Team Aqua) or Groudon (Team Magma) and the rare Pokémon Castform. After the player has beaten the team that has invaded the institute, a meteorologist will award the player with Castform.

The main project at the Weather Institute is a weather machine that allows the institute to control the weather in areas in Hoenn region. The first floor has a PC and a bed where the player can rest. The second floor is where the workstations of the institute are located, and it is also the area where the staff are rounded up by the invading team.