What Are Some Weapons in "Halo 2"?

Some of the weapons in "Halo 2" include the battle rifle, the sniper rifle and the plasma rifle. One notable feature of the game's weapon system is the ability to dual-wield many guns. As long as a weapon can be held in one hand, it can be paired with any other one-handed weapon and fired simultaneously.

The battle rifle is one of the game's true workhorse weapons, and most players find themselves turning to it frequently throughout the game. The rifle's quick, low-recoil burst shot, high accuracy and 2x zoom scope make it a versatile, well-rounded weapon, ideal for taking enemies on at midrange.

The sniper rifle is an obvious choice for picking enemies off from a distance. One drawback to the weapon is that it must be reloaded after every fourth shot, but its 5x and 10x zoom function allows players to stay well out of harm's way while reloading.

The plasma rifle was considered one of the best weapons in the original "Halo," and it is no less useful in "Halo 2." The ability to dual wield this rifle makes it one of the most useful weapons in the game, and it is usually the best choice for taking on Elite enemies. The only drawback is that the weapon overheats after frequent use and must be allowed time to cool down.