What Are Some Ways to Win at Checkers?

While there is no surefire way to win every time at the game of checkers, there are some useful strategies to significantly improve one's chances, such as keeping the back row intact and not charging. As with anything else, the best way to improve one's chances of winning checkers is to practice often.

Keeping the back row intact (at least for as long as possible) is a good way to prevent one's opponent from crowning a piece. It is important to keep in mind that checkers is not simply a game of outmaneuvering one's opponent, but outlasting them as well.

Resisting the urge to charge and get a piece crowned is also important. Often, a minimal number of pieces are crowned in this way at the expense of losing many others. Crowning a few pieces by charging is also likely to come at the expense of allowing one's opponent to crown a few of their own. Focusing on defense often makes the difference between winning and losing at checkers.

In order to minimize losses, consider the general rule of trading one of one's own pieces for two of the opponent's. Providing this is kept up, the chances are that one will always be ahead of the opponent.